[304A-2170] Mauna Kea lands management special fund. (a) There is established the Mauna Kea lands management special fund, into which shall be deposited:

(1) Appropriations by the legislature;

(2) All net rents from leases, licenses, and permits, including fees and charges for the use of land and facilities within the Mauna Kea lands;

(3) All moneys collected for violations of subpart O of part IV; and

(4) Interest earned or accrued on moneys in the special fund.

(b) The proceeds of the special fund shall be used for:

(1) Managing the Mauna Kea lands, including maintenance, administrative expenses, salaries and benefits of employees, contractor services, supplies, security, equipment, janitorial services, insurance, utilities, and other operational expenses; and

(2) Enforcing administrative rules adopted relating to the Mauna Kea lands.

(c) No moneys deposited into the Mauna Kea lands management special fund may be used by the governor or the director of finance as a justification for reducing any budget request or allotment to the University of Hawaii unless the University of Hawaii requests the reduction.

(d) The University of Hawaii may establish separate accounts within the special fund for major program activities.

(e) All expenditures from the special fund shall be subject to legislative appropriation.

(f) For the purposes of this section, "Mauna Kea lands" shall mean the same as defined in section 304A-1901. [L 2009, c 132, 3]



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