[304A-2162] Community colleges special fund. (a) Section [304A-2003] notwithstanding, there is established a community colleges special fund to receive, disburse, and account for funds of programs and activities of the community colleges, including but not limited to off-campus programs, summer session programs, overseas programs, evening sessions, study abroad, exchange programs, cultural enrichment programs, and consultative services that help make available the resources of the community colleges to the communities they serve.

(b) The special fund may include deposits from:

(1) The University of Hawaii tuition and fees special fund established in section [304A-2153];

(2) Tuition, fees, and charges for affiliated instructional, training, and public service courses and programs; and

(3) Fees, fines, and other money collected for:

(A) Student health;

(B) Transcript and diploma;

(C) Library;

(D) Facility use;

(E) Child care;

(F) Auxiliary enterprises;

(G) Alumni; and

(H) Other related activities. [L 2006, c 75, pt of 2]



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