B. General Funds


[304A-2101] General fund budget appropriations; formulation. (a) The general fund budget appropriations for the university shall be an amount not less than three times and not greater than five times the amount of regular tuition and related fee revenues estimated for that fiscal year.

(b) Any general fund budget appropriation for the university for operating purposes for any fiscal year shall include the consideration of:

(1) The fiscal condition of the State;

(2) Enrollment;

(3) Access to educational opportunity;

(4) The mix of resident and nonresident students; and

(5) Community service and noninstruction programs.

(c) No revenue received by the university pursuant to the University of Hawaii tuition and fees special fund established under section [304A-2153] may be used by the governor or the director of finance as a justification for reducing any budget request or allotment to the university unless the university requests such a reduction. [L 2006, c 75, pt of 2]



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