[304A-1953] University innovation and commercialization initiative special fund. [See Note at subpart heading.] (a) There is established the university innovation and commercialization initiative special fund into which shall be deposited, and shall not be considered part of the general fund, all funds consistent with the purposes of this subpart that are:

(1) Appropriated by the legislature;

(2) Received as repayments of loans;

(3) Earned on investments;

(4) Received pursuant to a venture agreement;

(5) Received as royalties;

(6) Received as premiums or fees charged by the university; or

(7) Otherwise received by the program.

(b) Revenues deposited into the special fund may be expended by the University of Hawaii for all costs and expenses associated with the operation of the innovation and commercialization initiative program without regard to chapters 76, 78, 89, 102, 103, and 103D. Revenues not expended as provided in this section may be transferred to other university funds to be expended for the general benefit of the university. [L 2017, c 39, pt of 2]



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