[N.] Hawaii Natural Energy Institute


304A-1891 Hawaii natural energy institute; structure; function. (a) There is established the Hawaii natural energy institute at the University of Hawaii. The institute shall be administered by a director to be appointed by the board of regents upon recommendation by the president. The director of the institute shall appoint the professional members of the staff and other employees. The president and board of regents shall have the same powers over the institute and its staff as over the university and its facilities.

(b) The director of the institute shall coordinate the institute's work with the chief energy officer of the Hawaii state energy office in carrying out duties pursuant to section 196-72 in the area of research and development of renewable energy sources.

(c) The institute shall:

(1) Develop renewable sources of energy for power generation and transportation fuels by working in coordination with state agencies, federal agencies, and private entities;

(2) Conduct research and development of renewable sources of energy;

(3) Demonstrate and deploy efficient energy end-use technologies, including those that address peak electric demand issues;

(4) Aggressively seek matching funding from federal agencies and private entities for its research and development and demonstration activities; and

(5) Report annually to the legislature, no later than twenty days prior to the convening of each regular session, on its activities, expenditures, contracts developed, advances in technology, its work in coordination with state agencies and programs, and recommendations for proposed legislation. [L 2007, c 253, pt of 2; am L 2019, c 122, 6]



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