§304A-1865  Medical cannabis testing and research programs; established.  (a)  To the extent permitted by federal and state law, and subject to applicable certification by the department of health, the University of Hawaii may establish medical cannabis testing and research programs that qualify as commercial enterprises of the university under section 304A-113 that provide services to state-approved medical cannabis dispensaries, including assessment of cannabis plant cannabinoid content and concentration, purity of manufactured cannabis products, or additional testing requested by the department of health.  The university may assess fees or other charges for services.  The fees and charges shall be fair and equitable with respect to the level and quality of services and commercially reasonable.  In establishing or amending fees or charges for these services, the university shall be exempt from the requirements of chapter 91.  The fees and charges may be established at an open meeting of the board of regents subject to chapter 92.

     (b)  The fees and charges collected pursuant to subsection (a) shall be deposited into the University of Hawaii commercial enterprises revolving fund established by section 304A-2251.

     (c)  To the extent permitted by federal and state law, and subject to applicable regulations, compliance standards, and protocols on research activity, the university may conduct research on the efficacy of medical cannabis use, its health outcomes and social impacts, and related safety issues.

     (d)  This section shall be construed to provide discretionary authority to the university, and nothing in this section shall require the university to engage in any activity that might jeopardize its eligibility to receive any form of state or federal assistance or benefit. [L 2016, c 230, §21; am L 2017, c 170, §2]


Revision Note


  In subsection (a), "marijuana" changed to "cannabis" to conform to L 2017, c 170, pursuant to §23G-15.



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