[304A-1863] Research experiences for teachers program; established. (a) There is established within the University of Hawaii the research experiences for teachers program, which shall be administered by the University of Hawaii college of engineering. The purpose of the research experiences for teachers program shall be to support the development of middle school teacher skills and knowledge, and the development of middle school curriculum materials in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subject areas, with a focus on wireless communications.

(b) The research experiences for teachers program shall:

(1) Educate teachers in the advances in technology in wireless communications and engineering;

(2) Enhance teacher research skills through the use of software and innovative uses of equipment;

(3) Provide teacher participants with hands-on research experiences;

(4) Support teachers in developing classroom lessons and program activities that meet their course objectives and student performance standards; and

(5) Provide opportunities to share and collaborate with other teacher participants to ensure successful implementation of curricula and programs.

(c) Specific activities of the research experiences for teachers program shall include:

(1) Providing on-site lectures, demonstrations, and laboratory tours at the University of Hawaii and middle schools;

(2) Reviewing wireless communications concepts, methods, history, and applications;

(3) Reviewing engineering and relevant science concepts, research methodology, and real-world applications;

(4) Reviewing key components of inquiry-based teaching materials;

(5) Providing teachers with technical content support;

(6) Assisting teachers in adapting state-of-the-art engineering research into a meaningful classroom experience for students;

(7) Providing seminars to transfer relevant information and experiences among teacher participants and sponsors;

(8) Providing summer engineering workshop for teachers; and

(9) Maintaining a website for content and program dissemination. [L 2007, c 111, pt of 11]



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