[304A-1705] Council powers. The medical education council may:

(1) Conduct surveys, with the assistance of the department of health and the department of commerce and consumer affairs, to assess and meet changing market and education needs;

(2) Appoint advisory committees of broad representation on interdisciplinary clinical education, workforce mix planning and projections, funding mechanisms, and other topics as is necessary;

(3) Use federal moneys for necessary administrative expenses to carry out its duties and powers as permitted by federal law;

(4) Distribute program moneys in accordance with this subpart; provided that any expenditures authorized shall be for a public purpose and shall not be subject to chapters 42F, 103, 103D, and 103F;

(5) Hire employees not subject to chapters 76 and 89 necessary to carry out its duties under this subpart; and

(6) Adopt rules in accordance with chapter 91, necessary to carry out the purposes of this subpart. [L 2006, c 75, pt of 2]



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