[304A-1602] Center for labor education and research; functions and programs. (a) In consultation with the labor education advisory council, the center for labor education and research shall:

(1) Coordinate, arrange for, or conduct evaluation of existing center programs of instruction for refinement, develop new courses of instruction, and plan their implementation on a continuing basis;

(2) Coordinate, arrange for, or conduct instructional programs, including classes, courses, workshops, seminars, and research studies or projects;

(3) Coordinate, arrange for, or provide technical assistance to trade unions to improve or implement labor education programs within their organizations;

(4) Prepare and disseminate educational information and publications on various subjects of concern and interest to workers and their organizations;

(5) Develop or acquire the means necessary to offer credit and noncredit labor studies programs via distance education throughout the State;

(6) Develop or acquire and promote the dissemination of labor-related information and programs through the various public media (such as radio, television, newspapers, public and private organizations, and clubs); and

(7) Coordinate, arrange for, or conduct credit and noncredit teacher preparation classes to enable relevant and reliable department of education instruction in labor-related educational courses, programs, and activities.

(b) Notwithstanding chapters 42F, 103, and 103D, the director of the center for labor education and research may limit the center's contracts for any publication and stationery work that may be necessary to accomplish the aims described in subsection (a) to contractors whose employees are represented by a representative duly elected under applicable federal or state labor laws for collective bargaining purposes. [L 2006, c 75, pt of 2]



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