[304A-1502] State geophysicists. [(a)] The staff of the geophysics and planetology institute shall include a specialist qualified in geology and a specialist qualified in volcanology, or a specialist qualified in both fields (to be designated as state geologist and state volcanologist or state geologist and volcanologist, as appropriate), whose duties shall include consultation with state officials, departments, and agencies concerning possible applications of these fields and research desirable to facilitate such applications. Other state geophysicists may be designated as appropriate in the opinion of the director and the board of regents.

[(b)] The state geophysicists may undertake applied research required in their respective fields by state officials, departments, and agencies, but their personal conduct of the applied research may be limited by the director, to such an extent as, in the director's opinion, is necessary to ensure the conduct of fundamental research and training required by the long-range interests of the State. [L 2006, c 75, pt of 2]



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