F. Hawaii Geophysics and Planetology Institute


[304A-1501] Hawaii geophysics and planetology institute; director and staff. [(a)] There shall be a Hawaii geophysics and planetology institute at the university. The institute shall be administered by a director to be appointed by the board of regents upon recommendation by the president. The director of the institute shall appoint the professional members of the staff and other employees. The president and the board of regents shall have the same powers over the institute and its staff as over the university and its faculties.

[(b)] The institute:

(1) Shall undertake basic research and training in geophysics and planetology;

(2) Shall disseminate knowledge of geophysics and planetology affecting Hawaii; and

(3) To the extent its facilities permit, may serve to apply the results of its research to geophysical problems in the State. [L 2006, c 75, pt of 2]



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