304A-1202 Teacher education coordinating committee. (a) There is created an advisory committee to be known as the teacher education coordinating committee to identify, study, take action, or make recommendations on matters of education of common interest to the department of education and institutions of higher learning in Hawaii. The membership of the committee shall include the superintendent of education and the dean of the college of education of the University of Hawaii, who shall serve in alternate years as chairperson of the committee with the superintendent acting as the first chairperson, a representative from each accredited Hawaii state-approved teacher education unit, and a representative from the Hawaii teacher standards board. In addition, the superintendent of education and the dean of the college of education may each appoint other members to the committee; provided that the dean of the college of education shall appoint at least two members of the committee from the university who are not within the college of education.

(b) The committee shall meet at least six times within each calendar year to:

(1) Work out problems related to the development of strong teacher training programs at accredited institutions of higher learning in Hawaii; and

(2) Identify, study, and discuss educational problems or other educational matters of interest to the committee and to develop findings and make recommendations for the improvement of education in Hawaii.

(c) The committee shall submit an annual report on its activities to the legislature and may include recommendations for legislative consideration. [L 2006, c 75, pt of 2; am L 2009, c 41, 2]



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