A. Community Colleges


[1. General Provisions]


Revision Note


Subdivision heading added by revisor pursuant to 23G-15.


[304A-1101] System of community colleges; purpose. (a) The board of regents shall develop and administer a system of community colleges.

(b) The purposes of community colleges shall be to provide:

(1) Two-year college transfer and general education programs;

(2) Two- and four-year career and technical education programs;

(3) Semiprofessional, career and technical, and continuing education programs; and

(4) Such other educational programs and services as may be appropriate to such institutions.

(c) The board may confer a corresponding degree or certificate upon the successful completion of any educational program described in subsection (b) to all students who are entitled thereto. [L 2006, c 75, pt of 2]


Cross References


Apprentice instructor, responsibility, see 372-6.

Workforce development scholarship program, see 304A-505.



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