[304A-1005] University general counsel. (a) The board of regents may appoint or retain by contract one or more attorneys who are independent of the attorney general, to provide legal services for the university, including:

(1) Representation of the university in civil actions to which the university is a party, either directly or through the acts or omissions of its officers or employees;

(2) Advice and assistance to ensure the lawful and efficient administration and operation of the university;

(3) Review and approval of documents relating to the acquisition of land or interest in land by the university; and

(4) Any other legal service specified by the board of regents.

The board of regents may fix the compensation of the attorneys appointed pursuant to this section. Attorneys appointed or retained by contract shall be exempt from chapters 76 and 89.

(b) Nothing in this section precludes the board of regents from requesting and securing legal services from the department of the attorney general, for the university, the board of regents or its members, or the university's officers and employees, upon mutual agreement. [L 2006, c 75, pt of 2]


Cross References


Attorneys for chartered student organizations, see 304A-2257.



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