[304A-302] Board's power and authority. The board may cooperate with the United States Department of Education in the administration of the provisions of the Acts of Congress mentioned in section [304A-2403], and may do all things necessary to entitle the State to receive the benefits of each of the respective funds appropriated by the Acts including:

(1) Represent the State in any and all matters arising out of or connected with the administration of the Acts of Congress insofar as the same shall apply to the State;

(2) Represent the State in any or all matters in reference to the expenditure, distribution, and disbursements of moneys received from the Acts of Congress;

(3) Designate such colleges, schools, departments, or classes as may be entitled to participate in the benefits of moneys received from the appropriations made in the Acts of Congress as in its judgment and discretion will best subserve the interests of career and technical education in the State and carry out the spirit, purposes, and provisions of the Acts;

(4) Establish and determine, by general rule, the qualifications to be possessed by persons teaching agricultural, trade, industrial, and home economics subjects in the colleges or schools coming under the provisions of the Acts of Congress in the State; and

(5) Enforce rules and regulations concerning the granting of certificates and licenses to such teachers and to certificate such teachers.

The board may delegate some of its responsibilities relating to the establishment of qualifications for and certification or licensing of career and technical teachers. The board shall make an annual report to the governor describing the conditions and progress of career and technical education during the year and include therein an itemized statement showing the receipts and expenditures of all moneys used in connection with career and technical education. [L 2006, c 75, pt of 2]



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