[§304A-111]  Indemnification of collaborating institutions.  (a)  The board of regents may indemnify collaborating institutions from claims arising against them for the gross negligence or wilful misconduct of the university's officers, employees, and agents in the course of their employment, in connection with the university's use, storage, or disposal of materials owned or licensed by a collaborating institution that are purchased by the university from or transferred to the university by the collaborating institution for research or training purposes.

     (b)  The university shall use the materials transfer agreements recommended and approved by the Association of University Technology Managers to confer the indemnification authorized by this section.

     (c)  Indemnification claims authorized by this section shall be payable solely from the moneys and property of the university and shall not constitute a general obligation of the State or be secured directly or indirectly by the full faith and credit of the State or the general credit of the State or by any revenues or taxes of the State.  The board of regents may obtain loss insurance to cover the liability of the university that may arise under this section; provided that loss insurance for the university shall be at the university's expense. [L 2006, c 75, pt of §2]



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