304A-105 Powers of regents; official name. (a) The board of regents shall have management and control of the general affairs, and exclusive jurisdiction over the internal structure, management, and operation of the university. The board may:

(1) Appoint a treasurer and other officers as it deems necessary;

(2) Authorize any officer, elected or appointed by it, to approve and sign on its behalf any voucher or other document that the board may approve and sign;

(3) Delegate to the president or the president's designee the authority to render the final decision in contested case proceedings subject to chapter 91, as it deems appropriate;

(4) Purchase or otherwise acquire lands, buildings, appliances, and other property for the purposes of the university; and

(5) Expend any sums of money as, from time to time, may be placed at the disposal of the university from whatever source; provided that notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, all documents regarding expenditures and changes thereto, made by the board shall be disclosed in open meetings for the purpose of public comment; provided further that all expenditure requests, proposals, and any other budgetary documents used by the board at an open meeting shall be made available to the public at least six calendar days before the meeting.

All lands, buildings, appliances, and other property so purchased or acquired shall be and remain the property of the university to be used in perpetuity for the benefit of the university. The board, in accordance with this section and other law, shall manage the inventory, equipment, surplus property, and expenditures of the university and, subject to chapter 91, may adopt rules, further controlling and regulating the same.

(b) The board of regents shall develop internal policies and procedures for the procurement of goods, services, and construction, consistent with the powers of the board set forth in section 304A-2672, and the goals of public accountability and public procurement practices, subject to chapter 103D.

(c) The board of regents may enter into concession agreements without regard to chapter 102.

(d) The official name of the board shall be the board of regents, University of Hawaii. The board shall adopt and use a common seal by which all official acts shall be authenticated. [L 2006, c 75, pt of 2; am L Sp 2008, c 6, 3; am L 2010, c 82, 3, 8; am L 2013, c 87, 3]



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