Part I.  System Structure



          A.  General and Administrative Provisions

   304A-101 Establishment; available to all

   304A-102 Purposes of the university

   304A-103 University to be public corporation; general powers

   304A-104 Regents; appointment; tenure; qualifications;


 304A-104.5 Repealed

 304A-104.6 Candidate advisory council for the board of regents

            of the University of Hawaii

   304A-105 Powers of regents; official name

   304A-106 Gifts; investment authority

   304A-107 Loans; advances

   304A-108 Suits

   304A-109 Service of process

   304A-110 Indemnification

   304A-111 Indemnification of collaborating institutions

   304A-112 Contracts for services provided by the research

            corporation of the University of Hawaii

   304A-113 Commercial enterprises

   304A-114 Hawaii history

   304A-115 Depository of war records

   304A-116 Child care programs

   304A-117 Participation and membership in the Western

            Governors University and other educational consortia

   304A-118 Graduation pathway system

   304A-119 University of Hawaii; net-zero energy goal

   304A-120 Campus safety and accountability

   304A-121 Technology transfer; reporting

   304A-122 Smoking and tobacco use prohibited; University of

            Hawaii premises


            B.  Agriculture

   304A-201 Soil conservation; policy

   304A-202 Board to act as agency

   304A-203 Powers and duties of agency

   304A-204 Specialist in cooperative organizations

   304A-205 Agriculture, forestry, and natural resource

            management program, University of Hawaii at Hilo


            C.  Career and Technical Education Under Federal Aid

   304A-301 State board for career and technical education;


   304A-302 Board's power and authority

   304A-303 Career and technical education coordinating advisory



            D.  Independent Audit Committee

   304A-321 Independent audit committee; established;

            powers; duties


          Part II.  Students


          A.  Tuition and Fees

   304A-401 Tuition fees; resident, nonresident; other fees

   304A-402 Residence for tuition purposes; basic rule

   304A-403 Public meetings exemption


          B.  Scholarship and Assistance Programs

   304A-501 University of Hawaii scholarship and assistance

            program; power of regents to grant scholarship and


   304A-502 Power of regents to grant tuition waivers

   304A-503 Hawaii opportunity program in education

   304A-504 Hawaii state scholars program

   304A-505 Workforce development scholarship program

   304A-506 Hawaii community college promise program;



          C.  State Higher Education Loans

   304A-601 State higher education loans; eligibility; amounts

   304A-602 Repayment of state higher education loans;


   304A-603 Capacity of minors in qualifying for state higher

            education loans

   304A-604 Rules governing state higher education loan fund


          D.  Hawaii Educator Loans

   304A-701 Hawaii educator loans; eligibility; amounts;

            educator loan forgiveness program; repayment;


   304A-702 Repealed

   304A-703 Capacity of minors in qualifying for Hawaii educator


   304A-704 Rules governing Hawaii educator loan program

            revolving fund


          E.  Educational Opportunities

   304A-801 Program of equal educational opportunity;

            coordinating office of educational services for the


   304A-802 College-credit equivalency program established;

            purpose; policies and procedures; eligibility

   304A-803 Dual credit program


          F.  Continuing Education

   304A-901 Tuberculosis clearance certification; exemption


          Part III.  University Personnel


          A.  Positions and Compensation

  304A-1001 Exempt personnel

  304A-1002 Faculty; classification schedule

  304A-1003 Faculty members; exchange privileges; conditions

  304A-1004 Annual report; executive, managerial, and faculty


  304A-1005 University general counsel

  304A-1006 Compensation of education laboratory school

            cafeteria personnel


          Part IV.  Divisions, Departments, and Programs


          A.  Community Colleges


          1.  General Provisions

  304A-1101 System of community colleges; purpose

  304A-1102 Powers of board


          2.  Construction Academy

  304A-1141 Purpose

  304A-1142 Program; establishment

  304A-1143 Administration

  304A-1144 Repealed


          B.  Teacher Education:  College

  304A-1201 College of education

  304A-1202 Teacher education coordinating committee

  304A-1203 Repealed


          C.  Hawaiian Language College

  304A-1301 Hawaiian language college; establishment

  304A-1302 Functions


          D.  School of Law

  304A-1351 Law school; establishment

  304A-1352 Procurement institute; established


          E.  Nursing and Dental Hygiene: School; Center

  304A-1401 School of nursing and dental hygiene; establishment

  304A-1402 School of nursing and dental hygiene; functions

  304A-1403 Clinical training and practice; board of regents;

            power to contract

  304A-1404 Center for nursing; establishment; advisory board

  304A-1405 Advisory board for the center for nursing; powers

            and duties

  304A-1406 Center for nursing; functions

  304A-1407 Collaboration with the center for nursing


          F.  Hawaii Geophysics and Planetology Institute

  304A-1501 Hawaii geophysics and planetology institute;

            director and staff

  304A-1502 State geophysicists

  304A-1503 Encouragement of federal assistance


          G.  Environmental Center

  304A-1551 Environmental center; structure and functions


          H.  Center for Labor Education and Research

  304A-1601 Center for labor education and research;


  304A-1602 Center for labor education and research; functions

            and programs

  304A-1603 Labor education advisory council


          I.  Aquarium and Marine Laboratory

  304A-1651 State aquarium

  304A-1652 State aquarium; site

  304A-1653 State aquarium admission and user fees


          J.  Medical Education Council

  304A-1701 Definitions

  304A-1702 Graduate medical education program

  304A-1703 Medical education council

  304A-1704 Council duties

  304A-1705 Council powers


          K.  Special Medical Residency Program

  304A-1751 Findings and purpose

  304A-1752 Qualifications for residency program

  304A-1753 Contract necessary for filling of positions

  304A-1754 Penalty for breach of contract

  304A-1755 Residency program; defined


          L.  Other Special Medical or Nursing Programs

  304A-1801 Family practice residency program; established

  304A-1802 International exchange program for health-related



          M.  Other Special Programs

  304A-1851 Food and beverage; courses of instruction

  304A-1861 Fostering inspiration and relevance through

            science and technology pre-academy program;


  304A-1862 Robotics and problem-based, applied learning

            program; established

  304A-1863 Research experiences for teachers program;


  304A-1864 `Ulu`ulu:  The Henry Ku`ualoha Giugni Moving Image

            Archive of Hawai`i

  304A-1865 Medical cannabis testing and research programs;



          N.  Hawaii Natural Energy Institute

  304A-1891 Hawaii natural energy institute; structure; function

  304A-1892 Advisory council to Hawaii natural energy institute

  304A-1893 Repealed

304A-1893.1 Periodic evaluation

  304A-1894 Repealed

304A-1894.1 Plan of action


          O.  Mauna Kea Lands

  304A-1901 Definitions

  304A-1902 Mauna Kea lands; fees; lease agreements

  304A-1903 Mauna Kea lands; rules

  304A-1904 Violations; penalties; costs; collection

  304A-1905 Mauna Kea lands; reporting requirements


          P.  Innovation and Commercialization Initiative


  304A-1951 Innovation and commercialization initiative

            program; establishment

  304A-1952 Innovation and commercialization initiative

            program; implementation

  304A-1953 University innovation and commercialization

            initiative special fund

  304A-1954 Confidentiality of trade secrets; disclosure of

            financial information

  304A-1955 Limitation on liability

  304A-1956 Preservation of governmental immunity; full faith

            and credit

  304A-1957 Cooperation with the University of Hawaii by state


  304A-1958 Construction of subpart

  304A-1959 Biennial report


          Part V.  Financial Structure


          A.  Budget Preparation and Administration

  304A-2001 Benchmarks; annual budget requests; biennial reports

  304A-2002 Budget request computation; reporting of exempt fees

            of scholarship holders

  304A-2003 Appropriations; accounts; depositories

  304A-2004 Special and revolving funds; expenditures in excess

            of appropriations

  304A-2005 Special and revolving funds; management

  304A-2006 Special and revolving funds; fees and charges;

            public meetings exemption

  304A-2007 Special and revolving funds; annual report;

            expenditures in excess of appropriations


          B.  General Funds

  304A-2101 General fund budget appropriations; formulation

  304A-2102 Hawaii community college promise program subaccount


          C.  Special Funds

  304A-2151 University of Hawaii risk management special fund

  304A-2152 University of Hawaii at Manoa malpractice special


  304A-2153 University of Hawaii tuition and fees special fund

  304A-2154 Systemwide information technology and services

            special fund

  304A-2155 Library special fund

  304A-2156 University of Hawaii community services special fund

  304A-2157 University of Hawaii auxiliary enterprises special


  304A-2158 Repealed

  304A-2159 University of Hawaii scholarship and assistance

            special fund

  304A-2160 State higher education loan fund

  304A-2161 Renumbered

  304A-2162 Community colleges special fund

  304A-2163 Center for nursing special fund

  304A-2164 Repealed

  304A-2165 State aquarium special fund

  304A-2166 University of Hawaii-West Oahu special fund

  304A-2167 Repealed

304A-2167.5 University revenue-undertakings fund

  304A-2168 Hawaii cancer research special fund

  304A-2169 Repealed

304A-2169.1 Energy systems development special fund

  304A-2170 Mauna Kea lands management special fund

  304A-2171 John A. Burns school of medicine special fund

  304A-2172 University of Hawaii capital improvements

            program project assessment special fund

  304A-2173 Child care programs special fund

 304A-2174, 2175 Repealed

  304A-2176 University of Hawaii at Manoa intercollegiate

            athletics special fund and University of Hawaii at

            Hilo intercollegiate athletics special fund

  304A-2177 Repealed

  304A-2178 University of Hawaii-Hilo theatre special fund

  304A-2179 Renumbered

  304A-2180 `Ulu`ulu:  The Henry Ku`ualoha Giugni Moving Image

            Archive of Hawai`i special fund

  304A-2181 University of Hawaii green special fund


          D.  Revolving Funds

  304A-2251 University of Hawaii commercial enterprises

            revolving fund

  304A-2252 Renumbered

  304A-2253 Research and training revolving fund

  304A-2254 Renumbered

  304A-2255 Student health center revolving fund

  304A-2256 Transcript and diploma revolving fund

  304A-2257 University of Hawaii student activities revolving


  304A-2258 Repealed

  304A-2259 Renumbered

  304A-2260 University of Hawaii graduate application revolving


  304A-2261 Renumbered

  304A-2262 Renumbered

  304A-2263 Seed distribution program; revolving fund

  304A-2264 to 2266 Repealed

  304A-2267 Center for labor education and research revolving


 304A-2268, 2269 Repealed

  304A-2270 Hawaiian language college revolving fund

  304A-2271 Renumbered

  304A-2272 Conference center revolving fund; University of

            Hawaii at Hilo

  304A-2273 Community college conference center revolving fund

  304A-2274 University of Hawaii real property and facilities

            use revolving fund

  304A-2275 University parking revolving fund

  304A-2276 Hawaii educator loan program revolving fund

  304A-2277 Professional student exchange program revolving



          E.  Trust Funds

  304A-2351 GEAR UP Hawaii scholarship trust fund

  304A-2352 University of Hawaii workers' compensation and

            unemployment insurance compensation trust fund

 304A-2353, 2354 Repealed

  304A-2355 University of Hawaii quasi-endowment trust fund

  304A-2356 Hawaiian early learning trust fund


          F.  Federal Funds

  304A-2401 Land-grant college aid

  304A-2402 Agricultural extension service; experiment station

  304A-2403 Acceptance of federal aid; career and technical



          Part VI.  Facilities


          A.  University Projects--Repealed

  304A-2501 to 2518 Repealed


          B.  University Parking

  304A-2601 Parking; control by board of regents

  304A-2602 Fines and other penalties

  304A-2603 Revenue bonds


          C.  University Equipment

  304A-2651 University of Hawaii equipment


          D.  University Projects and Purposes

  304A-2671 Definitions and interpretations

  304A-2672 Powers of the board

  304A-2673 Designation and authorization of university

            projects, university systems, networks;

            authorization of revenue bonds

  304A-2674 Revenue bonds; details, sale, legal investment

  304A-2675 Support facility for variable rate revenue bonds

  304A-2676 CUSIP identification numbers

  304A-2677 Covenants in resolution authorizing revenue bonds

  304A-2678 Execution and validity of revenue bonds

  304A-2679 Pledge of revenue of the university

  304A-2680 Payment and security of revenue bonds; revenue

            bonds not a debt of the State

  304A-2681 Imposition of rates, rents, fees, and charges;

            pledge, allocation of appropriation

  304A-2682 Revenue bond anticipation notes

  304A-2683 University project, university system, networks,

            and revenue bonds exempt from taxation

  304A-2684 Powers additional to other powers

  304A-2685 Refunding revenue bonds; authorization and purpose

  304A-2686 Fiscal agents

  304A-2687 Validation of proceedings

  304A-2688 Limitation of authority

  304A-2689 Annual report

  304A-2690 to 2693 Repealed


          Part VII.  Administratively Attached Entities


          A.  Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii

  304A-3001 Establishment of the research corporation; purpose

  304A-3002 Board of directors; composition

  304A-3003 Powers of the research corporation

  304A-3004 Research vessel safety requirements

  304A-3005 Research corporation excepted from certain state


  304A-3006 Officers and employees of the research corporation

  304A-3007 Annual report

  304A-3008 Dissolution

  304A-3009 Patents, copyrights, and other rights

  304A-3010 Special account

  304A-3011 Contracts with state agencies


          B.  Pacific International Center for High Technology


  304A-3101 Pacific international center for high technology

            research; establishment


          C.  State Post-Secondary Education Commission

  304A-3151 Establishment of the state post-secondary education

            commission; membership, administration

  304A-3152 Commission's powers and authority

  304A-3153 Repealed

  304A-3154 Cooperation with other state agencies


          D.  Western Regional Education Compact

  304A-3201 Approval of compact

304A-3201.5 Definitions

304A-3201.6 Hawaii western interstate commission for

            higher education

  304A-3202 Terms and provisions of compact

  304A-3203 Execution

  304A-3204 State commissioners

  304A-3205 Expenditures; reports

  304A-3206 Placement of students

  304A-3207 Payment of costs

  304A-3208 Obligations under compact not impaired

  304A-3209 Professional student exchange program;

            repayment policy


          E.  Hawaii Research Center for Futures Study

  304A-3251 Center established

  304A-3252 Duties of the center

  304A-3253 Director; duties


          F.  Nursing Scholars Program

  304A-3301 Definitions

  304A-3302 Nursing scholars program; establishment,


  304A-3303 Scholarships; nursing degree programs

  304A-3304 Program administration

  304A-3305 Repealed




  This chapter is based substantially on repealed chapters 222, 304, 304D, 304E, 305, 305A, 305E, 305H, 306, 307, 308, and 310 and repealed section 341-5.

  As appropriate, amendments made to the repealed chapters by L 2006, cc 188, 234, 257, and 316 are incorporated into the corresponding sections of chapter 304A.

  Annual incentive and performance report and plan.  L 2008, c 188, §2.

  Concussion educational program.  L 2012, c 197; L 2016, c 262.

  Dark night skies protection strategy; advisory committee (dissolved on June 30, 2027); report to 2018-2021 legislature.  L 2017, c 185, §§2, 3.

  East-West Center:

    Corporation Act.  L 1975, c 82; L 1997, c 137; L 1998, c 2, §110.

    Extension of Social Security Act to center employees.  L 2004, c 176.

  General fund appropriation reallocation plan, fiscal period 2014-2015 through 2020-2021.  L 2013, c 34, §132.

  Health care workforce shortage map and database; projections through 2020.  L 2007, c 219, §§5, 6.

  Music and enterprise learning experience (MELE) program grant.  L Sp 2007, c 11, §6.

  PBS Hawaii, thirty-five year lease.  L Sp 2007, c 11, §3.

  Public land trust information system.  L 2011, c 54; L 2013, c 110.

  Science and technology plan incorporating EPSCor (experimental program to stimulate competitive research) efforts (reports from 2011 and every 5 years thereafter).  L 2009, c 137.

  Sea grant college program; emergency management and disaster preparedness requirements.  L 2017, c 61.

  Skilled worker and business development center at each community college.  L Sp 2009, c 34.



Cross References


  Bridge to hope program, see §346-68.

  College savings program, see chapter 256.

  Commission for national and community service, see chapter 90D.

  Departmental data sharing (improving educational and workforce outcomes), see §27-7.

  Hawaii agriculture workforce advisory board, see §371-19.

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  Individual development accounts, see chapter 257.

  Interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children, see chapter 311D.

  Pacific international space center for exploration systems, see chapter 201, part V, subpart B.

  Tuition assistance for national guard personnel, see §121-45.

  University of Hawaii optional retirement system, see §88-8.


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