§302L-1.7  Early learning facilities; pre-plus.  (a)  There is established the pre-plus program within the office to expand access to affordable and high-quality early learning for children from low-income families who are not otherwise eligible for kindergarten, by allowing preschool programs to be established on public school campuses through public-private partnerships.

     (b)  The office, the department of education, and the department of human services shall work collaboratively to develop suitable pre-plus classrooms on department of education campuses statewide, including conversion charter school campuses.  The executive office on early learning, with the department of education and department of human services, shall coordinate site selection for additional pre-plus programs at public school sites, with priority given to public school sites that serve at-risk children as defined in section 302L-1, including sites located in areas with limited access to early learning programs and services. [L 2012, c 178, pt of §2; am L 2017, c 202, §5]