302D-25 Applicability of state laws. (a) Charter schools shall be exempt from chapters 91 and 92 and all other state laws in conflict with this chapter, except those regarding:

(1) Collective bargaining under chapter 89; provided that:

(A) The exclusive representatives as defined in chapter 89 and the governing board of the charter school may enter into supplemental agreements that contain cost and noncost items to facilitate decentralized decision-making;

(B) The agreements shall be funded from the current allocation or other sources of revenue received by the charter school; provided that collective bargaining increases for employees shall be allocated by the department of budget and finance to the charter school's authorizer for distribution to the charter school; and

(C) These supplemental agreements may differ from the master contracts negotiated with the department;

(2) Discriminatory practices under section 378-2; and

(3) Health and safety requirements.

(b) Charter schools, the commission, and authorizers shall be exempt from chapter 103D, but shall develop internal policies and procedures for the procurement of goods, services, and construction, consistent with the goals of public accountability and public procurement practices. Charter schools, the commission, and authorizers are encouraged to use the provisions of chapter 103D where possible; provided that the use of one or more provisions of chapter 103D shall not constitute a waiver of the exemption from chapter 103D and shall not subject the charter school, commission, or authorizer to any other provision of chapter 103D. Charter schools, the commission, and authorizers shall account for funds expended for the procurement of goods and services, and this accounting shall be available to the public.

(c) Charter schools and their employees, the commission and its employees, and governing boards and their members shall be subject to chapter 84.

(d) Any charter school, prior to the beginning of the school year, may enter into an annual contract with any department for centralized services to be provided by that department.

(e) Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, as public schools and entities of the State, a charter school, including its governing board, the commission, and any authorizer may not bring suit against any other entity or agency of the State.

(f) Charter schools, the commission, and authorizers shall be exempt from section 302A-1401.

(g) For purposes of statutory delegation of authority to department heads by other state agencies, the executive director shall be deemed the department head of the commission and charter schools unless otherwise specifically provided. [L 2012, c 130, pt of 2; am L 2014, c 99, 16]



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