302D-16 Performance framework. (a) The performance provisions within the charter contract shall be based on a performance framework that clearly sets forth the academic, financial, organizational, and operational performance indicators, measures, and metrics that will guide the authorizer's evaluations of each public charter school. The performance framework, as established by the authorizer, shall include indicators, measures, and metrics for, at a minimum:

(1) Student academic proficiency;

(2) Student academic growth;

(3) Achievement gaps in proficiency and growth between major student subgroups;

(4) Attendance;

(5) Enrollment variance;

(6) Postsecondary readiness, as applicable for high schools;

(7) Financial performance and sustainability;

(8) Performance and stewardship, including compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and terms of the charter contract; and

(9) Organizational viability.

(b) Annual academic performance targets shall be set by each public charter school in conjunction with its authorizer, and shall be designed to track each school in meeting applicable federal, state, and authorizer expectations.

(c) The performance framework shall allow the inclusion of additional rigorous, valid, and reliable indicators proposed by a public charter school to augment external evaluations of its performance; provided that the authorizer approves the quality and rigor of such school-proposed indicators, and the indicators are consistent with the purposes of this chapter and the charter contract.

(d) The performance framework shall require the disaggregation of all student performance data by major student subgroups.

(e) For each public charter school it oversees, the authorizer shall be responsible for verifying and either maintaining or having access to all charter school data upon which the performance framework relies.

(f) Multiple schools overseen by a single governing board shall be required to report their performance as separate, individual charter schools, and each charter school shall be held independently accountable for its performance. [L 2012, c 130, pt of 2; am L 2013, c 159, 11; am L 2014, c 99, 11]



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