302D-1 Definitions

   302D-2 Repealed

   302D-3 State public charter school commission;

          establishment; appointment

 302D-3.2 Fees

 302D-3.5 Rules

   302D-4 Chartering authority application for eligible entities

   302D-5 Authorizer powers, duties, and liabilities

   302D-6 Principles and standards for charter authorizing

   302D-7 Authorizer reporting

   302D-8 Conflict of interests

   302D-9 Exclusivity of authorizing functions and rights

  302D-10 Services purchased from authorizer; itemized


  302D-11 Oversight of public charter school authorizers

  302D-12 Charter school governing boards; powers and duties

  302D-13 Start-up and conversion charter schools;


  302D-14 Repealed

302D-14.5 Approved charter applications; start-up period;

          pre-opening charter schools

  302D-15 Appeals; charter applications, renewals, or


  302D-16 Performance framework

  302D-17 Ongoing oversight and corrective actions

  302D-18 Renewals, revocations, and nonrenewals

  302D-19 School closure and dissolution

  302D-20 Charter transfers

  302D-21 Annual board report

  302D-22 Repealed

  302D-23 Minimum educational data reporting standards

  302D-24 Occupancy and use of facilities of department schools

  302D-25 Applicability of state laws

  302D-26 Civil service status; employee rights

  302D-27 Administration of workers' compensation

  302D-28 Funding and finance

302D-28.5 Financial insolvency

  302D-29 Weighted student formula

302D-29.5 Facilities funding

  302D-30 Responsibilities of the department; special education


  302D-31 Athletics

  302D-32 Annual audit or financial review

  302D-33 Criminal history record checks

  302D-34 Enrollment

  302D-35 Use of vacant department facilities


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