§302A-1303.6  Weighted student formula.  Based upon recommendations from the committee on weights, the board of education may adopt a weighted student formula for the allocation of moneys to public schools that takes into account the educational needs of each student; provided that weighted student formula moneys shall not be used for state-funded prekindergarten programs, except for special education and Title I-funded prekindergarten programs.  The department, upon the receipt of appropriated moneys, shall use the weighted student formula to allocate funds to public schools.  Principals shall expend moneys provided to the principals' schools.  This section shall only apply to charter schools for fiscal years in which the charter schools elect pursuant to section 302D-29 to receive allocations according to the procedures and methodology used to calculate the weighted student formula allocation. [L 2004, c 51, §4 and am c 221, §7; am L 2006, c 298, §13; am L 2011, c 93, §3; am L 2012, c 130, §12 and c 133, §24; am L 2019, c 276, §6]