[302A-1151.6] Parking; control by department. (a) The department may adopt rules in accordance with chapter 91 to govern the traffic and parking conditions on roadways and other areas under the jurisdiction of the department.

(b) The department, in accordance with chapter 91, may:

(1) Assess fees for parking on roadways and in parking areas under the jurisdiction of the department; and

(2) Adopt rules relating to the assessment and collection of fees for parking specified in this section.

(c) Fees collected under this section shall be deposited into the same fund into which fees and charges assessed and collected by the department for the use of school facilities under section 302A-1148 are deposited; provided that any parking fees assessed and collected by a school shall be deposited to the credit of the school's nonappropriated local school fund account.

(d) The department may contract with the department of accounting and general services or a private entity to implement this section. [L 2010, c 190, 2]



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