[302A-1002] Reporting of crime-related incidents. The board shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 91 to:

(1) Require a report to appropriate authorities from a teacher, official, or other employee of the department who knows or has reason to believe that an act has been committed or will be committed, which:

(A) Occurred or will occur on school property during school hours or during activities supervised by the school; and

(B) Involves crimes relating to arson, assault, burglary, disorderly conduct, dangerous weapons, dangerous drugs, harmful drugs, extortion, firearms, gambling, harassment, intoxicating drugs, marijuana or marijuana concentrate, murder, attempted murder, sexual offenses, rendering a false alarm, criminal property damage, robbery, terroristic threatening, theft, or trespass;

(2) Establish procedures for disposing of any incident reported; and

(3) Impose, in addition to any other powers or authority the department may have to discipline school officials, appropriate disciplinary action for failure to report these incidents, including probation, suspension, demotion, and discharge of school officials. [L 1996, c 89, pt of 2]




Bullying, cyberbullying, and harassment; compliance reports to board. L 2011, c 214.


Cross References


Zero tolerance policy for drugs and weapons, see 302A-1134.6.


Attorney General Opinions


Bargained for random drug testing program for public school teachers with appropriate procedural protections is constitutional and would not violate either the federal or state Constitution. If a court were to find such a program to violate either the federal or state Constitution, the doctrine of qualified immunity would bar personal liability for any state official; if a court were to impose personal liability, based upon past history and practice, the legislature would fund payment of the claims. Att. Gen. Op. 08-1.



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