Part I.  General Provisions


            A.  Miscellaneous

    302A-101 Definitions

    302A-102 Smoking prohibited


            B.  Board of Education

    302A-121 Board of education; members; student and military


    302A-122 Board of education; eligibility

    302A-123 Board of education; terms

    302A-124 Board of education; organization; quorum; meetings

    302A-125 Board of education; vacancies

    302A-126 Board of education; qualifications; administration


    302A-127 Board of education; senate advice and consent


           Part II.  Provisions Affecting Students


            A.  Student Performance Standards

    302A-201 Statewide performance standards

    302A-202 Repealed


            B.  Curriculum and Instruction

    302A-251 School year; student hours

    302A-301 Repealed

    302A-305 Repealed

    302A-321 Standards-based curriculum

    302A-322 American Sign Language

    302A-323 Computer science; curricula plan; public schools

    302A-324 Department of education commercial enterprises

             revolving fund


            C.  Supplementary Programs

    302A-401 Dual credit program

  302A-401.5 Repealed

   302A-402, 403 Repealed

    302A-404 School meals

    302A-405 School cafeterias; funds; expenditures

  302A-405.5 Hawaii farm to school program; farm to school


  302A-405.6 Farm to school meals

    302A-406 Transportation of school children

    302A-407 School bus contracts

  302A-407.5 School bus fare revolving fund

    302A-408 After-school and weekend programs

   302A-409, 410 Repealed

    302A-411 Kindergarten program; establishment; attendance

    302A-412 Blind or visually handicapped concessionaires

    302A-413 Driver education

    302A-414 Courses for instructors in driver education

    302A-415 Motor vehicles for driving instruction; purchase

             and sale

    302A-416 Driver education fee

    302A-417 Traffic safety education

   302A-418, 419 Repealed

    302A-420 Profits and school credit for students

    302A-421 to 424 Repealed

    302A-425 Licensure of private trade, vocational, or

             technical school

  302A-425.5 Repealed

    302A-426 Suspension and revocation of license; procedure

    302A-427 to 429 Repealed

    302A-430 Coverage for workers' compensation

    302A-431 Rules; reporting

  302A-431.5 to 431.9 Repealed

    302A-432 Adult and community education authorized

    302A-433 Scope of adult and community education programs


  302A-433.5 Adult workforce readiness program; established

    302A-434 Advisory council for adult and community


    302A-435 Financing adult and community education program

    302A-436 Departmental duty toward exceptional children

    302A-437 Repealed

    302A-438 Facilities, service, when required

    302A-439 Eligibility standards

    302A-440 Coverage for workers' compensation of an

             exceptional child

    302A-441 Studies, surveys, rules

    302A-442 Occupational therapy services, physical therapy

             services, school health services, mental health

             services, psychological services, and medical

             services for diagnostic or evaluative purposes

  302A-442.5 Instructional materials; exceptional children

    302A-443 Administrative hearing procedures and subpoena

             power relating to the education of children

             with a disability

  302A-443.5 Education of students with disabilities; private

             residential facilities; special education schools

             or programs; accreditation

    302A-444 to 446 Repealed

    302A-447 State student council

    302A-448 Schools; career pathways, academies, and programs;

             commercial enterprises

    302A-449 Title I-funded prekindergarten

    302A-450 Public prekindergarten classrooms; annual report to

             the legislature

    302A-451 Student journalists; school-sponsored media

    302A-452 Menstrual products; availability

    302A-453 Industry-recognized credentials; career development

             success program

    302A-454 Asthma education instruction

    302A-455 Digital learning center


            D.  Gender Equity in Sports

    302A-461 Gender equity in athletics

    302A-462 to 467 Repealed


            E.  School-to-Work--Repealed

    302A-471 to 475 Repealed


            F.  Full Participation in School Act

    302A-481 Definitions

    302A-482 Affidavit for caregiver consent

    302A-483 Penalties

    302A-484 Transfer by the department of education


            G.  Adult Special Education Transfer of Rights for

                Students with Disabilities Upon Reaching the

                Age of Majority

    302A-491 Power of attorney for special education

    302A-492 Revocation of the power of attorney for special


    302A-493 Appointment of an educational representative;


    302A-494 Reconsideration of the need for an educational


    302A-495 Decisions by guardian

    302A-496 Duties and roles of the agent and educational


    302A-497 Educational information

    302A-498 Effect of copy


            H.  Student Online Personal Information Protection

    302A-499 Definitions

    302A-500 Prohibited activity; permitted disclosures and

             uses; limitations


           Part III.  Provisions Affecting School Personnel


            A.  Specific Definitions

    302A-501 Definitions


            B.  Employment Conditions and Compensation

    302A-601 Repealed

  302A‑601.3 Repealed

  302A-601.5 Employees of the department of education and

             teacher trainees in any public school; criminal

             history record checks

    302A-602 Teachers; licenses and certificates

  302A-602.5 Certificates; revocation

    302A-603 Teaching without certificates or licenses;


    302A-604 Complex area superintendents

  302A-604.5 Repealed

    302A-605 Principals and vice-principals

   302A-606, 607 Repealed

    302A-608 Reemployed teachers; rights

    302A-609 Causes for discharge or demotion; preferred

             eligibility list

    302A-610 Job-sharing

    302A-611 Authorized leaves of absence; tenure status


    302A-612 School teachers afflicted with tuberculosis

    302A-613 Exchange teachers and educational officers; terms

             of contract

    302A-614 Sabbatical leaves authorized

    302A-615 Pay while on sabbatical

    302A-616 Conditions of sabbatical leave of absence

    302A-617 Repealed

    302A-618 Classification, teachers

    302A-619 Classification, educational officers

    302A-620 Classification/compensation appeals board;

             adjustments to classification/compensation plan

    302A-621 Salary; deputy superintendent, assistant

             superintendents, complex area superintendents

    302A-622 Repealed

    302A-623 Salary ranges, educational officers

    302A-624 Teachers' salary schedule

    302A-625 Educational officers' salary schedules

    302A-626 Repealed

    302A-627 Credit for military service

    302A-628 Change in classification

    302A-629 Educational officers; demotion, transfers

    302A-630 Teachers; additional benefits or credits

    302A-631 Educational officers with special assignments;

             principals and vice-principals at special needs


    302A-632 Additional benefits to certain school personnel

             and teachers

   302A-633, 633.5 Repealed

  302A-633.6 Allocations for coaches

   302A-634, 635 Repealed

    302A-636 Cafeteria managers

    302A-637 Cafeteria workers

    302A-638 Evaluation of teachers and educational officers

  302A-638.5 Repealed

    302A-639 Houseparents; statewide center for students with

             hearing and visual impairments

    302A-640 Repealed

    302A-641 Meal count assistants, adult supervisors, and

             classroom cleaners; minimum wage

    302A-642 Asthma training


            C.  Staff Development and Incentives

    302A-701 Incentive packages for quality teachers,

             principals, and vice-principals

    302A-702 Candidates for certification

    302A-703 Educational officers, salary incentives

    302A-704 Tuition assistance for exemplary teachers to

             attend the University of Hawaii

    302A-705 Repealed

    302A-706 Teacher national board certification

             incentive program

    302A-707 Felix stipend program special fund

    302A-708 Career development opportunities

    302A-709 Computer science teacher development programs


            D.  Hawaii Teacher Standards Board

    302A-801 Hawaii teacher standards board established

    302A-802 Licensing and certification standards; policies

    302A-803 Powers and duties of the board

    302A-804 Powers and duties of the department, commission,

             and charter schools

    302A-805 Teachers; license or permit required; renewals

  302A-805.5 Approval of teacher education programs;

             professional development of teachers

  302A-805.6 Efforts related to teacher quality

    302A-806 Repealed

    302A-807 Refusal, suspension, revocation, and

             reinstatement of licenses

    302A-808 Penalty

    302A-809 Repealed


            E.  Teachers' Housing

    302A-831 Repealed

    302A-832 Teachers' housing program; administration

    302A-833 Teachers' housing revolving fund

    302A-834 Annual statements

    302A-835 Annual review; disposal of units


            F.  School Health Services Program

    302A-851 Purpose; establishment of program

    302A-852 Teenage health program

    302A-853 Administration of medication

    302A-854 School health aides; compensation

    302A-855 Repealed

    302A-856 Youth suicide awareness and prevention protocol


           Part IV.  Provisions Affecting System Structure


            A.  Specific Definitions

    302A-901 Specific definitions


            B.  Accountability

   302A-1001 Student bias

   302A-1002 Reporting of crime-related incidents

   302A-1003 Indemnity upon reporting

   302A-1004 Educational accountability system; annual


 302A-1004.5 Accurate data reporting

   302A-1005 Reconstituting schools


            C.  Organization

   302A-1101 Department of education; board of education;

             superintendent of education

   302A-1102 Department of education; statewide administrative


   302A-1103 to 1106 Repealed

 302A-1106.5 Board of education; community meetings

   302A-1107 to 1109 Repealed

   302A-1110 Educational districts not applicable

   302A-1111 Duties of superintendent

   302A-1112 Rules

   302A-1113 Seal

   302A-1114 Power of appointment, removal

   302A-1115 Repealed

   302A-1116 Authority to create temporary positions

   302A-1117 Records, evidence

   302A-1118 Publications by department

   302A-1119 Repealed

   302A-1120 Public library system; board control

   302A-1121 Repealed

   302A-1122 Gifts

   302A-1123 to 1123.6 Repealed

   302A-1124 Mandate to initiate school community councils

   302A-1125 Educational objectives

   302A-1126 Waiver of policy, rule, or procedures

   302A-1127 Repealed

   302A-1128 Department powers and duties

   302A-1129 Schools; opening and closing

   302A-1130 Public schools special fees and charges

 302A-1130.5 Repealed

 302A-1130.6 Curricular materials fee special account

   302A-1131 Repealed

   302A-1132 Attendance compulsory; exceptions

   302A-1133 Emergency measures

 302A-1133.5 Parent and guardian accountability for compliance

             with student code of conduct

   302A-1134 Exclusion from school

 302A-1134.5 Repealed

 302A-1134.6 Zero tolerance policy

   302A-1135 Penalty

   302A-1136 Enforcement

   302A-1137 Attendance records; availability to authorized

             police officers

   302A-1138 Permit to leave grounds

   302A-1139 Religious education

   302A-1140 Religious holy days

   302A-1141 Punishment of pupils limited

 302A-1141.3 Use of seclusion, chemical restraint, or mechanical

             restraint prohibited

 302A-1141.4 Use of physical restraint limited; notification;

             policies and procedures; training; review

   302A-1142 Repealed

   302A-1143 Attending school in what service area

 302A-1143.5 Career and technical education programs; enrollment

   302A-1144 Repealed

   302A-1145 Transfer to another school

   302A-1146 Repealed

   302A-1147 Use of school grounds by county recreation


   302A-1148 Use of school facilities and grounds

 302A-1148.5 Use of school grounds; assumption of risk

   302A-1149 Use of school facilities for after school child


 302A-1149.5 After-school plus program revolving fund

   302A-1150 Repealed

   302A-1151 Sale of school lands unnecessary for school


 302A-1151.1 Pilot program for lease of public school land

 302A-1151.2 School facilities subaccount

 302A-1151.5 Use of vacant public school facilities

 302A-1151.6 Parking; control by department

   302A-1152 Unauthorized vehicles on school or public library


   302A-1153 Vandalism damage to public school property

   302A-1154 Immunization upon attending school; tuberculosis


   302A-1155 Provisional attendance at school

   302A-1156 Exemptions

   302A-1157 Exemptions from immunization; not recognized;

             epidemic conditions

   302A-1158 Immunization of indigent children

   302A-1159 Physical examination required

   302A-1160 Student's health record

   302A-1161 Notification for noncompliance

   302A-1162 Rules

   302A-1163 Enforcement

   302A-1164 Self-administration of medication by student

             and emergency administration; self-testing and

             self-management of diabetes by student; assistance

             with diabetes testing; blood glucose monitoring by

             student; assistance with blood glucose monitoring;


   302A-1165 Standardized assessment for students entering


   302A-1166 Prior early learning programs attendance disclosure


            D.  New Century Charter Schools--Repealed

   302A-1181 to 1192 Repealed


           Part V.  Provisions Affecting Financial Structure


            A.  Specific Definitions--Repealed

   302A-1201 Repealed


            B.  Budget

   302A-1301 School system financial accountability

 302A-1301.5 Curricular materials; digital format

  302A-1302, 1303 Repealed

 302A-1303.5 Committee on weights

 302A-1303.6 Weighted student formula

   302A-1304 Repealed

   302A-1305 Inactive student activity accounts

   302A-1306 to 1309 Repealed

   302A-1310 Out-of-school time instructional programs; funds,


   302A-1311 Appropriations for trust funds of the department

             of education

   302A-1312 Six-year program and financial plan for school

             repair and maintenance

   302A-1313 Repealed

   302A-1314 Hawaii 3Ts school technology laboratories fund

   302A-1315 Repealed

   302A-1316 Maintenance of geographically disadvantageous land;

             expenditure of school funds; prohibited


            C.  Federal Funding

   302A-1401 Administration and use of federal funds

   302A-1402 Custodian of federal funds

   302A-1403 Authority to secure federal funds

   302A-1404 Federal impact aid military liaison

   302A-1405 Federal grants revolving fund

   302A-1406 Department of education federal revenue

             maximization program revolving fund; established


           Part VI.  Provisions Affecting Facilities


            A.  Facilities and Equipment

   302A-1501 to 1502 Repealed

 302A-1502.4 Hawaii 3R's school improvement fund

302A-1502.5, 1502.6 Repealed

   302A-1503 Donated school equipment and fixtures; repair and

             maintenance responsibility

   302A-1504 Repealed

 302A-1504.5 School-level minor repairs and maintenance

             special fund; reporting of carry over funds

   302A-1505 Repealed

   302A-1506 Public school facilities

 302A-1506.2 Property acquisition, use, and disposition

 302A-1506.5 Repealed

   302A-1507 Classroom cleaning project; established

   302A-1508 Education design and construction project

             assessment fund

   302A-1509 Environmentally-sensitive cleaning and maintenance

             products for use in public schools

   302A-1510 Sustainable schools initiative


            B.  School Impact Fees

   302A-1601 Findings

   302A-1602 Definitions

   302A-1603 Applicability and exemptions

   302A-1604 Designation of school impact districts

   302A-1605 Impact fee analysis

   302A-1606 Land component impact fee; determining the

             amount of land or fee in lieu

   302A-1607 Construction cost component impact fee;

             determining the amount of the fee

   302A-1608 Accounting and expenditure requirements

   302A-1609 Refunds of fees

   302A-1610 Credits for land dedication

   302A-1611 Credits for excess contributions or advance

             payment of required construction cost component

             impact fees

   302A-1612 Use of data reflecting recent conditions in

             impact fee calculations


            C.  School Facilities Authority

   302A-1701 Definitions

   302A-1702 School facilities authority; established

   302A-1703 Powers; generally

   302A-1704 School facilities authority board

   302A-1705 Use of public lands; acquisition of state lands

   302A-1706 School facilities special fund

   302A-1707 Annual report


           Part VII.  Secondary School Students Conference

   302A-1801 Purpose

   302A-1802 Student conference committee

   302A-1803 Duties of the student conference committee

   302A-1804 Student conference advisory committee

   302A-1805 Annual conference


           Part VIII.  Mark Licensing Agreement Program

   302A-1901 Definitions

   302A-1902 Mark licensing agreement program; established

   302A-1903 Commercial enterprises

   302A-1904 Mark registration

   302A-1905 Administrative rules




  This chapter, enacted by L 1996, c 89, is based on repealed chapters 296, 296C, 296D, 297, 297D, 298, 299, 300, and 301.  As appropriate, amendments made to the repealed chapters by cc 48, 90, 91, 122, 123, 160, 162, 265, and 298 of the 1996 session are incorporated into the corresponding sections of chapter 302A.

  Pursuant to §23G-15(1), the revisor has omitted all reserved section numbers and renumbered the remaining sections of this chapter.

  Bullying, cyberbullying, and harassment; compliance reports to board.  L 2011, c 214.

  Concussion educational program.  L 2012, c 197; L 2016, c 262.

  Establishing E academies.  L 1999, c 178, §17.

  Implementation plan to seek reimbursement of medicaid billable applied behavior analysis; quarterly reports.  L 2018, c 205, §6.

  Pilot program for lease of public school land; reports to legislature until completion of projects.  L 2013, c 155, §4.

  Professional development schools grant program.  L 2001, c 313.

  Report by school facilities agency to 2021 legislature identifying positions of the department of education that should be transferred to the school facilities agency.  L 2020, c 72, §10.

  School supply subsidy pilot program; report to 2024 legislature (repealed on January 1, 2024).  L 2022, c 142, §2.

  Science and technology plan incorporating EPSCor (experimental program to stimulate competitive research) efforts (reports from 2011 and every 5 years thereafter).  L 2009, c 137.

  Single school calendar.  L 2004, c 51, §49; L 2011, c 24.

  Skilled worker and business development center at each community college.  L Sp 2009, c 34.

  Substance abuse treatment programs in schools with greatest need.  L 2006, c 268.

  Task force to create a system for evaluating and assessing all children and those who are exhibiting emergent or persistent behaviors, academic challenges, or chronic absenteeism; report to 2020 legislature.  L 2019, c 271, §2.

  Transfer of property containing schools from city and county of Honolulu.  L 2017, c 206, §2; L 2018, c 210, §2; L 2019, c 272, §4.

  Weekly reports on schools that have a student, staff member, or affiliated individual who has tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).  L Sp 2021, c 4.


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