§291E-39  Fees and costs.  The director may assess and collect a $30 fee from the respondent to cover the costs of processing the respondent's request for an administrative hearing.  These costs include but shall not be limited to: the cost of photocopying documents; conditional license permits, temporary permits, and relicensing forms; interpreter services; and other similar costs; provided that the costs of issuing subpoenas for witnesses, including mileage fees, shall be borne by the party requesting the subpoena.  The director may waive the fee in the case of an indigent respondent, upon an appropriate inquiry into the financial circumstances of the respondent seeking the waiver and an affidavit or a certificate signed by the respondent demonstrating the respondent's financial inability to pay the fee. [L 2000, c 189, pt of §23; am L 2001, c 157, §20; am L 2003, c 31, §1; am L 2012, c 327, §16]