[291C-138] Waipio valley access; required four-wheel drive vehicle use. (a) No vehicle, other than a low-range, four-wheel drive vehicle, shall at any time be driven through or in the connecting roadway corridor between the Waipio valley lookout and the floor of Waipio valley; provided that any vehicle may be driven in these areas if it is:

(1) In the process of executing a legal turn, lane change, or parking maneuver to exit the area;

(2) An authorized emergency vehicle performing the functions under section 291C-26;

(3) An official federal, state, or county vehicle in the performance of its actual duty;

(4) Necessary to assist a stalled or broken vehicle;

(5) Necessary to yield to an authorized emergency vehicle pursuant to section 291C-65;

(6) A vehicle engaged in or in support of research or maintenance activities; or

(7) Otherwise provided by law.

(b) Violation of this section shall subject the driver of the vehicle to a fine of $250.

(c) For purposes of this section, an all-wheel drive vehicle shall not be considered to be a low-range, four-wheel drive vehicle. [L 2019, c 204, 1]



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