§291C-27  Emergency vehicle stopped for emergencies; duty of approaching vehicle.  (a)  A driver of a vehicle that is approaching an emergency vehicle that is stopped for an emergency, investigation of a possible traffic violation, rendering assistance to a police officer, or other official duties, as indicated by the flashing emergency lights of the stopped emergency vehicle, shall:

     (1)  Slow down to a reasonable and prudent speed that is safe under the circumstances of an emergency road situation ahead.  Reasonableness and prudence shall take into account weather conditions, road conditions, and vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the immediate area.  If necessary, the driver shall come to a complete stop before making a lane change under paragraph (2); and

     (2)  Make a lane change into the adjacent lane if necessary and if it is safe to do so, or if possible, to two lanes over which leaves one lane between the driver and the emergency vehicle.

     (b)  As used in this section, "emergency vehicle" means a police or fire department vehicle, ocean safety vehicle, emergency medical services vehicle, freeway service patrol vehicle, sheriff division vehicle, Hawaii emergency management agency vehicle, county emergency management vehicle, civil defense vehicle, department of transportation harbors division vehicle, department of land and natural resources division of conservation and resources enforcement vehicle, or a tow truck.

     (c)  Violation of subsection (a) shall not be subject to section 287-20, relating to furnishing proof of financial responsibility.

     A violation of subsection (a) shall constitute a violation if no death or injury results from the violation.

     If a death or injury occurs and is attributable to the driver of the vehicle for a violation of subsection (a), then the driver shall instead be charged under section 707-702.5 for negligent homicide in the first degree; section 707-703 for negligent homicide in the second degree; section 707-704 for negligent homicide in the third degree; section 707-705 for negligent injury in the first degree; or section 707-706 for negligent injury in the second degree, as applicable. [L 2012, c 318, §2; am L 2015, c 192, §2]



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