§291-21.3  Definitions.  As used in this chapter:

     "Flatrack" means an open-sided platform mounted on a chassis without motive power designed to be drawn by a motor vehicle and used to carry property.

     "FMVSS" means the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

     "Glazing material" means any glass, plastic, or like material, manufactured for use in or on a vehicle, including but not limited to windshields, window openings, or interior partitions.

     "Light transmittance" means the ratio of the amount of total visible light, expressed in percentages, which is allowed to pass through the product or material, including the glazing material, to the amount of total visible light falling on the product or material and the glazing material.

     "Sun screening devices" means products or materials used or designed to be used in conjunction with glazing materials for the purpose of reducing the effects of the sun, including, but not limited to tinting films and perforated sun screening materials, but excluding louvered materials. [L 1983, c 294, pt of §2; am L 1986, c 188, §1; am L 1994, c 30, §1]