[291-15] Trauma system surcharge. (a) In addition to any other civil penalties ordered by the court, a person who violates any offense under this part may be ordered to pay a trauma system surcharge, provided that:

(1) The maximum of which may be $10 if the violator is not already required to pay a trauma system surcharge pursuant to the violation of the offense; and

(2) The maximum of which may be $100 if the violation is an offense under section 291-12.

(b) The surcharge shall not be ordered when the court determines that the defendant is unable to pay the surcharge.

(c) The person shall pay the surcharge to the clerk of the court. The surcharge shall be deposited with the state director of finance who shall transmit the surcharge to the trauma system special fund pursuant to section 321-22.5. [L 2008, c 231, 1]



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