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  Intextication:  Txting Whl Drvng.  Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?  32 UH L. Rev. 359 (2010).


     §291-1  [NEW] Definitions.  As used in this part:

     "Intoxicating liquor" means the same as the term is defined in section 281-1.

     "Public street, road, or highway" includes the entire width, including berm or shoulder, of every road, alley, street, way, lane, trail, highway, bikeway, bridge, when any part thereof is open for use by the public, including any bicycle lane, bicycle path, bikeway, controlled-access highway, laned roadway, roadway, or street, as defined in section 291C-1, and any public highway, as defined in section 264-1.

     "Scenic lookout" includes any area within or adjoining a public street, road, or highway which is intended for use by motorists as a stopping or parking area attendant to the enjoyment of the surrounding scenery or a view. [L 1986, c 171, §2; am L 2002, c 16, §14]