Part I.  Operation


    291-1 Definitions

    291-2 Reckless driving of vehicle or riding of animals;


    291-3 Repealed

  291-3.1 Consuming or possessing intoxicating liquor while

          operating motor vehicle or moped

  291-3.2 Consuming or possessing intoxicating liquor while a

          passenger in a motor vehicle

  291-3.3 Storage of opened container containing intoxicating

          liquor or consumption at scenic lookout

  291-3.4 Exceptions; consumption or possession of intoxicating

          liquor while a passenger in a motor vehicle, storage

          of opened container containing intoxicating liquor

    291-4 to 4.5 Repealed

  291-4.6 Driving after license suspended or denied for

          noncompliance with an order of support; penalties

    291-5 to 7 Repealed

    291-8 Freight on motor cars; projection of, prohibited

    291-9 Freight; on running board

   291-10 Penalty

   291-11 Riders and passengers under seven years of age on

          motorcycles and motor scooters prohibited; penalty

 291-11.5 Child passenger restraints

 291-11.6 Mandatory use of seat belts, when, penalty

   291-12 Inattention to driving

   291-13 Traffic laws apply to persons driving mopeds

   291-14 Pickup trucks; passenger restrictions

   291-15 Trauma system surcharge

   291-16 Safe routes to school program surcharge

   291-17 Mobile electronic devices; use while operating a

          commercial motor vehicle prohibited


        Part II.  Equipment

   291-21 Repealed

 291-21.3 Definitions

 291-21.5 Regulation of motor vehicle sun screening devices;


   291-22 Regulation of exhaust pipe and muffler

   291-23 Penalty

   291-24 Motorcycles and mopeds, noisy mufflers; penalty

 291-24.5 Motor vehicle muffler

 291-24.6 Motor vehicle alarm systems

   291-25 Lights for motor vehicles, motorcycles, motor

          scooters, motorized bicycles

   291-26 Testing lights

   291-27 Repealed

   291-28 Lights for loads

   291-29 Lights for other vehicles

   291-30 Spotlights

   291-31 Tail lights on vehicles, motorcycles and motor


 291-31.5 Blue lights prohibited for motor vehicles,

          motorcycles, motor scooters, bicycles, mopeds

   291-32 Penalties

   291-33 Projections on face of wheels prohibited

   291-34 Size of vehicles; width, height, and length

   291-35 Gross weight, axle, and wheel loads

 291-35.1 Regulation of bumper heights

   291-36 Exceptions

   291-37 Penalties

   291-38 Repealed

   291-39 Enforcement


        Part III.  Parking for Disabled Persons

   291-51 Definitions

 291-51.3 Reimbursement to counties; agreement with counties

          to provide permits

 291-51.4 Fraudulent verification of an applicant as a person

          with a disability; penalty

 291-51.5 Special license plates

 291-51.6 Issuance of temporary removable windshield placards

 291-51.7 Reciprocity

   291-52 Issuance of removable windshield placard

 291-52.2 Issuance of a disabled paid parking exemption permit

 291-52.5 Issuance of identification card

 291-52.6 Replacement of a removable windshield placard,

          disabled paid parking exemption permit, or

          identification card

 291-52.7 Fraudulent manufacture or alteration, sale, issuance,

          or use of disability parking permits and

          identification cards

   291-53 Nontransferability; penalty

 291-53.2 Sale or purchase

 291-53.3 Confiscation

   291-54 Display of removable windshield placards; temporary

          removable windshield placards; and disabled paid

          parking exemption permit

   291-55 Metered parking privileges

   291-56 Rules

   291-57 Parking spaces reserved for persons with disabilities;


   291-58 Requirement to provide parking for persons with

          disabilities; penalty

   291-59 Enforcement


        Part IV.  Miscellaneous

   291-71 Designation of parking spaces for electric vehicles;

          charging system

   291-72 Parking spaces reserved for electric vehicles;



Cross References


  Adjudication of traffic infractions, see chapter 291D.

  Nonresident violator compact, see chapter 291A.


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