Part I.  Vehicles Abandoned on Public and Private

                 Property Generally


    290-1 Disposition by counties of certain abandoned vehicles

    290-2 Notice to owner

    290-3 Public auction

    290-4 Repossession by person entitled

    290-5 Waiver of public auction requirements

    290-6 Effect of transfer of title

    290-7 Disposition of proceeds

    290-8 Derelict vehicle

    290-9 Disposition of derelict vehicle

   290-10 Disposition of unclaimed vehicle

   290-11 Vehicles left unattended on private and public

          property; sale or disposition of abandoned vehicles

   290-12 Leaving abandoned or derelict vehicles

   290-13 Abandoned vehicles; prohibition on transfer;

          suspension, revocation, or prohibition of renewal of

          driver's license; notification


        Part II.  Vehicles Abandoned on Business Premises of

                  Persons Engaged in Motor Vehicle Repair


   290-21 Disposition of vehicles by persons in motor vehicle

          repair business

   290-22 When vehicle deemed abandoned

   290-23 Sale or disposition of vehicle

   290-24 Disposition of proceeds

   290-25 Effect of transfer of title


        Part III.  General Provisions

   290-41 Notice to police department

   290-42 Disposition of license plates

   290-45 Penalties

   290-46 Abandoned vehicles; repeat offender; penalty


Cross References


  Other towing provisions:

    Airports, see §261-17.6.

    Schools and libraries, see §302A-1152.

    Towing and storage; settlements, see §291C-165.5.

    Towing by consent; payment, see §291C-136.

    University of Hawaii, see §304A-2602.