287-19 Installment payment of judgment; default. (a) A judgment debtor upon due notice to the judgment creditor may apply to the court in which the judgment was rendered for the privilege of paying the judgment in installments and the court, in its discretion and without prejudice to any other legal remedies which the judgment creditor may have, may for the purposes of this chapter only so order and fix the amounts and times of payment of the installments.

(b) The administrator shall not suspend a license and shall restore any license suspended following nonpayment of a judgment, when the judgment debtor gives proof of financial responsibility and obtains such an order permitting the payment of the judgment in installments, and while the payment of any installment is not in default.

(c) If the judgment debtor fails to pay any installment as specified by the court order, then upon notice of the default, the administrator shall forthwith suspend the license of the judgment debtor until the judgment is satisfied as provided in this chapter. [L 1949, c 393, pt of 1; RL 1955, 160-97; HRS 287-19; am L 1980, c 84, pt of 1]



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