287-2 Administrator to administer chapter; appeal to circuit court. (a) The administrator shall administer and enforce this chapter and make rules and regulations consistent herewith and necessary for its administration and shall provide for hearings upon request of any person aggrieved by orders or acts of the administrator under this chapter. The rules and regulations shall be as nearly uniform throughout the State as the circumstances permit, but the fact of nonuniformity shall not of itself be sufficient to make unenforceable any rule or regulation, otherwise lawful, promulgated hereunder.

(b) Any order or act of any administrator pursuant to the authority given by this chapter or by rules or regulations hereunder, shall be subject to appeal to the circuit court of the circuit in which the order or act has been entered or done, which shall have jurisdiction to affirm, vacate, and modify, in whole or in part, any such order or act. Any person aggrieved may file an appeal therefrom in the office of the clerk of the circuit court within thirty days after the effective date of the order or act. The appeal shall not operate to suspend the order or act unless for cause satisfactory to the court and upon such conditions as may be imposed by the court, the court shall otherwise order. The administrator upon service of a copy of the appeal shall forthwith transmit to the clerk of court a transcript of the papers filed with the administrator and a certified transcript of the evidence, if any, adduced. Upon the filing of the transcript, the appeal shall be at issue, and upon the application of either party, may be advanced and assigned for hearing at the earliest possible date to determine whether the action of the administrator is in accordance with law. The prosecuting officer and the legal advisor of the county shall render assistance to the administrator upon the administrator's request in enforcing and carrying out this chapter and in prosecuting and defending proceedings hereunder. [L 1949, c 393, pt of 1; RL 1955, 160-81; HRS 287-2; am L 1980, c 84, pt of 1; gen ch 1985]


Rules of Court


Appeal to circuit court, see HRCP rule 72.


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