[§286-308]  Correction or alteration of records and identification cards in cases of error or subsequent changes concerning names, citizenship, description, etc.  (a)  A cardholder who, after receiving an identification card, has a change in one or more of the following:

     (1)  Name, legally changed by marriage, divorce, adoption, legitimization, order of the lieutenant governor, or other legal means;

     (2)  Citizenship status;

     (3)  Address; or

     (4)  Individual in charge of the cardholder (in the case of a minor or incompetent individual),

within thirty days after the change, shall report the change, submit supporting documents, and present the cardholder's identification card to the examiner.  The examiner of drivers, upon being furnished with satisfactory proof as to the change, and receiving payment of the fee, shall cancel the identification card and issue a new identification card bearing the new name, citizenship status, or address of the cardholder, making appropriate notation of the facts upon the records of the examiner.

     (b)  If any error has been made in any item of information contained in the records of the examiner of drivers or on the identification card concerning any cardholder, the examiner of drivers or the cardholder, upon application and upon provision of evidence satisfactory to the examiner that an error has been committed, may correct the error and, in such case, shall make appropriate changes or notations stating the error and the correct information in the records of the examiner of drivers and on the identification card.

     (c)  If any item of the cardholder's personal information was originally correct, but will change after issuance of the identification card and the examiner of drivers finds the change material, the examiner of drivers may register the change and alter the records and identification card to conform thereto, upon receipt of satisfactory evidence of the change and approval of the examiner. [L 2012, c 310, pt of §2]