286-137 District courts to keep records. The district court of each circuit shall keep, maintain, and control or shall otherwise provide for the keeping, maintaining, and controlling of proper and accurate records of each conviction or bail forfeiture or any other disposition of each violation of licensee coming within this part. The district court of each circuit shall also establish procedures for the accounting, control, and disposition of each traffic citation, notice, or summons used or issued, whether the use or issuance of the same is authorized by the court or by any other governmental agency under applicable laws or ordinances, which may include the keeping of an accurate citation, notice, or summons control ledger or form in a numerical, chronological, or other accountable manner. [L 1961, c 113, pt of 1; Supp, 160-71; HRS 286-137; am L 1970, c 188, 39; am L 1997, c 153, 2]


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