[286-101.5] Reciprocal licensing privileges. (a) The director may grant reciprocal licensing privileges to any person eighteen years of age or older who holds a license from another country or state, thereby allowing the examiner of drivers to waive examination requirements under section 286-108(c)(3), if:

(1) That jurisdiction has procedures in place to verify the validity of the driver's licenses it issues;

(2) That jurisdiction has granted a waiver of all or any part of the driver's license examination requirements for Hawaii licensed drivers applying for a driver's license in that jurisdiction; and

(3) The director determines that the standards of that jurisdiction for licensing operators of motor vehicles correspond substantially to those of this State.

(b) The director shall publish on the department of transportation's public internet site a list of the countries for which reciprocal operating privileges have been extended and those that have been withdrawn. The most recent list shall be transmitted to the courts, county prosecuting attorneys, and county police chiefs.

(c) The director may require an applicant for reciprocal licensing privileges to provide translation of the license and documents from the other jurisdiction if the license and documents are in languages other than Hawaiian or English.

(d) The director may adopt rules pursuant to chapter 91 necessary for the purposes of this section. [L 2015, c 131, 2]



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