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The amendments made to this part by L 2012, c 310, 2 (enacting subpart B), 5 (amending the part VI title), 6 (adding a subpart A title), and 8 (amending 286-101, 286-102(e), 286-104, 286-106, 286-107(c), 286-108(a), 286-110(a), 286-112(a) and (c), 286-113, 286-114, and 286-122(a) to change "part" to "subpart") are omitted as the new subpart B added to this part was renumbered as part XVI pursuant to 23G-15.


Cross References


Civil identification cards, see 286-301 to 286-313, part XVI.


Law Journals and Reviews


Intextication: Txting Whl Drvng. Does the Punishment Fit the Crime? 32 UH L. Rev. 359 (2010).


286-101 Designation of examiner of drivers. The chief executive of each county shall designate one or more persons, residing in the county, each of whom shall be a competent operator of motor vehicles, to be known as the examiner of drivers, and whose duty it shall be to examine into the qualifications and fitness of any person desiring to secure or to renew a license to operate a motor vehicle as provided in this part. [L 1937, c 234, pt of 1; am L 1939, c 104, 7; am L 1943, c 62, 21 and c 64, 22; RL 1945, pt of 7301; RL 1955, 160-31; HRS 286-101; am L 1969, c 128, 1(1); am L 1970, c 152, 1 and c 164, 3]



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