286-71 Autocycles. (a) Every autocycle, as described in paragraph (2) of the definition of "motorcycle" in section 286-2, operated in this State shall first be registered as a motor vehicle as provided in section 286-41.

(b) No person shall operate an autocycle on a public street, road, or highway in this State unless the person possesses a valid type 3 driver's license pursuant to section 286-102(b)(3) and the autocycle has been duly registered pursuant to subsection (a).

(c) Occupants in an autocycle not equipped with a front windshield shall use eye protection.

(d) All occupants in an autocycle shall comply with the seat belt requirements under section 291-11.6.

(e) All dealers, sellers, lessors, and rental agencies shall be required to disclose the following, if true, regarding each autocycle offered for sale, lease, or rent, as applicable:

(1) The autocycle does not meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for passenger vehicles and light trucks;

(2) The autocycle is not equipped with airbags; and

(3) Autocycle rollover protection has not been certified to protect an occupant from injury in the event of a rollover; therefore, the use of a department of transportation certified safety helmet is recommended when operating an autocycle. [L 2017, c 216, 1; am L 2018, c 191, 1]



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