286 Highway Safety

286A Vehicle Equipment Safety Compact--Repealed

286C Driver License Compact

286G Driver Education and Training Fund

287 Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act

288 Common Carriers, Compulsory Insurance

289 Used Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories

290 Abandoned Vehicles

291 Traffic Violations

291A Nonresident Violator Compact

291C Statewide Traffic Code

291D Adjudication of Traffic Infractions

291E Use of Intoxicants While Operating a Vehicle

291J Photo Red Light Imaging Detector Systems

292 Odometer Accuracy and Record Maintenance--Repealed

293 Bicycles

294 Motor Vehicle Accident Reparations--Repealed





Part I. General Provisions


286-1 Short title

286-2 Definitions

286-3 Powers and duties of the governor

286-4 Repealed

286-4.1 Medical advisory board

286-5 State highway safety council

286-6 County traffic or highway safety councils

286-7 County highway safety programs

286-7.5 Vision Zero

286-8 Rules and regulations

286-9 Facilities for physically handicapped persons

286-10 Arrest or citation

286-11 Repealed

286-12 All-terrain vehicle; utility-terrain vehicle;

permitted use


Part IA. Motor Vehicle Regulation

286-16 Powers and duties

286-17 Enforcement

286-18 Rules


Part II. Inspection of Vehicles and Mopeds

286-21 Vehicles and mopeds without required equipment or in

unsafe condition

286-22 Inspection by officers of the police department

286-23 Responsibility for compliance

286-24 Registered owner's responsibility; registration

plates as prima facie evidence as to the fault of

the registered owner

286-25 Operation of a vehicle or moped without a certificate

of inspection

286-26 Certificates of inspection

286-26.5 Special interest vehicles

286-27 Permits to operate official inspection stations

286-28 Fines

286-29 Improper representation as official

inspection station

286-30 False certificates


Part III. Registration of Vehicles

286-41 Application for registration; full faith and

credit to current certificates; this part not

applicable to certain equipment

286-42 County finance director's duties

286-43 Defacing serial numbers, etc., of motor vehicles

286-44 Unlawful to possess certain motor vehicles,

parts, etc.; forfeiture

286-44.5 Salvage certificate

286-45 Records of county finance director

286-46 Tax lien and encumbrance record

286-47 Certificate of registration; certificate of

ownership; containers

286-47.2 Certificate of trailer registration

286-47.5 Notice of change of address or name; penalty

286-48 Certificates of ownership of salvaged motor vehicles

286-49 Registration of vehicles under two or more names

286-50 Registration of vehicle located outside State;

correction of errors; fee for correcting errors

286-51 Registration, expense

286-51.5 Junking of nonrepairable vehicle

286-52 Procedure when title of vehicle transferred;

delivery of certificate mandatory

286-52.4 Terminal rental adjustment clause; vehicle leases

286-52.5 Procedure when registration of a trailer transferred

286-53 Dealers in new motor vehicles

286-53.1 Boat dealers; trailers without plates

286-53.5 Permanent registration of fleet vehicles

286-53.6 Fleet vehicles, fees

286-54 Out-of-state vehicle permit

286-55 Certificates lost or mutilated

286-56 Official cars

286-56.5 Special license plates for consul or official

representative of foreign or territorial government

286-57 Unlawful removal of motor vehicles from State

286-58 Appeal from finance director's decision

286-59 Appeal; procedure

286-60 Rules of procedure; costs; appeal

286-61 Penalty

286-62 Special license plates authorized

286-63 Shape, size and color of plates; how affixed

286-64 Regulation plates to be surrendered

286-65 Surrender, transfer, and disposal of special plates

286-66 Director in charge

286-67 Fees

286-68 Interpretation of part

286-69 Penalty

286-71 Autocycles


Part IV. Safety Equipment

286-81 Motorcycle, motor scooter, etc.; protective devices

286-82 Penalty

286-83 Sales of motor vehicle equipment; approval

and identification required; prohibitions on use

286-84 Revocation of approval

286-85 Reconstructed vehicles, approval required

286-86 Counterfeit air bags


Part V. Driver Training School and Driving


286-91 to 97 Repealed


Part VI. Motor Vehicle Driver Licensing

286-101 Designation of examiner of drivers

286-101.5 Reciprocal licensing privileges

286-102 Licensing

286-102.3 Commercial drivers under the age of twenty-one

286-102.5 Military Selective Service Act; Selective Service

System registration

286-102.6 Provisional license for persons under the age

of eighteen

286-103 Restrictions on driver's license; rules and


286-104 Which persons shall not be licensed

286-104.5 Limited purpose driver's license, limited purpose

provisional driver's license, and limited purpose

instruction permits

286-105 What persons are exempt from license

286-106 Expiration of licenses

286-106.5 Expiration of licenses; out-of-country active

duty military personnel and dependents

286-107 License renewals; procedures and requirements

286-107.5 Reactivation of expired license; fees; road test


286-108 Examination of applicants

286-108.4 Driver education and behind-the-wheel driver

training program

286-108.5 Repealed

286-109 General provision governing the issuance of licenses

286-109.4 Designation of advance health-care directive

286-109.5 Designation of anatomical gift

286-109.6 Limited access to driver's license anatomical gift


286-109.7 Organ and tissue education fee

286-110 Instruction permits

286-111 Application for license, provisional license,

instruction permit, limited purpose driver's license,

limited purpose provisional driver's license, or

limited purpose instruction permit; fees

286-112 Application of minors; liability of parents or


286-113 Release from liability

286-114 Revocation of license, provisional license, or

instruction permit upon death of person

signing minor's application

286-115 Repealed

286-116 License, insurance identification card, possession,


286-116.5 Notice of change of address or name; penalty

286-117 Duplicate permits, provisional licenses, and


286-118 Records to be kept by the examiner of drivers

286-118.5 License revoked for operating a vehicle under the

influence of an intoxicant; eligibility for license


286-119 Authority of examiner of drivers to suspend

or revoke licenses

286-120 Authority of examiner of drivers to cancel licenses

286-121 Suspending or revoking privileges of nonresident and

reporting convictions, suspensions, and revocations

286-122 Suspension of a license; surrender

286-123 Record of conviction forwarded to examiner of


286-124 Mandatory revocation of license by a court

286-125 Discretionary revocation or suspension of license by

a court

286-126 Period of suspension or revocation

286-127 Repealed

286-128 Evaluation of nonresident driving privileges;

reports of outside convictions; reports of

convictions by courts-martial or United States


286-129 Appeal to circuit court

286-130 No operation under foreign license during revocation

or suspension in this State

286-131 Unlawful use of license

286-132 Driving while license suspended or revoked

286-133 Unlawful to permit unauthorized person to drive

286-134 Employing unlicensed driver

286-135 Renting motor vehicle to another

286-136 Penalty

286-137 District courts to keep records

286-138 Prohibiting "fixing" of tickets and providing

penalties therefor; nolle prosequi by prosecuting

attorney only by motion and approval of court

286-139 Preferred insurance rate

286-140 Repealed


Part VII. Alcohol, Drugs, and Highway


286-151 to 163 Repealed


Part VIII. Traffic Records

286-171 Statewide traffic records system

286-172 Furnishing of information


Part IX. Pupil Transportation

286-181 Pupil transportation safety


Part X. Miscellaneous Provisions--Repealed

286-191 Repealed


Part XI. Motor Carrier Safety Law

286-201 Definitions

286-202 General duties and powers of the director

286-202.5 Driver improvement program

286-202.6 Marking of motor carrier vehicles

286-202.8 Mudguards; protective devices

286-203 Enforcement

286-204 Accounts, records, and reports

286-204.5 Vehicle identification card

286-205 Reports as evidence

286-206 Penalty

286-207 Exemptions, certain vehicles

286-208 Exemptions, vehicles used by farmers

286-209 Safety inspection of motor carrier vehicles

286-210 Operation of a motor carrier vehicle

without a safety inspection decal

286-211 Permits to operate official inspection stations

286-212 Suspension or revocation of permits

286-213 Improper representation as official inspection


286-214 False certificates

286-215 Fees and charges

286-216 Fines, fees and charges


Part XII. Transportation of Hazardous Materials

286-221 Definitions

286-222 General powers

286-223 Scope

286-224 Inspections

286-225 Hazardous materials incident reporting

286-226 Routes

286-227 Penalty


Part XIII. Commercial Driver Licensing

286-231 Definitions

286-232 Limitation on number of driver's licenses

286-233 Notification requirements

286-234 Employer responsibilities

286-235 Commercial driver's license required

286-235.5 Persons exempt from licensure

286-236 Commercial driver's license qualification standards

286-236.5 Renumbered

286-237 Repealed

286-238 Application for commercial driver's license or

commercial learner's permit

286-238.2 Commercial learner's permit

286-238.5 Repealed

286-239 Commercial driver's license

286-239.5 Reactivation of expired commercial driver's license;

fees; road test waived

286-240 Disqualification, cancellation, and downgrade

286-241 Notification of disqualification, suspension,

revocation, cancellation, marking medical

certification status as not-certified, or

downgrading of commercial driver's licenses or permits

286-241.4 Authority of examiner of drivers to suspend, revoke,

cancel, mark the medical certification status as

not-certified, or downgrade commercial driver's

license or permit

286-241.5 Notification and hearing

286-241.6 Appeal to circuit court

286-242 Commercial drivers prohibited from operating with

any alcohol in their body

286-243 Implied consent requirements for commercial motor

vehicle drivers

286-244 Notification of traffic convictions

286-245 Driving record information to be recorded and


286-246 Authority to make rules

286-247 Authority to enter agreements

286-248 Reciprocity

286-249 Penalty


Part XIV. Administrative Revocation of Driver's

License and Motor Vehicle


286-251 to 266 Repealed


Part XV. Interisland Shipping of Vehicles

286-271 Interisland shipping of vehicles; proof required


Part XVI. Civil Identification Cards

286-301 Issuance of identification card or temporary card

286-301.5 Non-compliant identification cards

286-302 Oaths and investigations

286-303 Application for identification card

286-304 Procedure

286-305 Contents and characteristics; form

286-306 Expiration; renewal; replacement

286-307 Identification cards not to be altered; duties

of holder; lost certificates

286-308 Correction or alteration of records and

identification cards in cases of error or

subsequent changes concerning names, citizenship,

description, etc.

286-309 Rules

286-310 Forms

286-311 Custody and use of records; confidential


286-312 Civil identification card fee special fund

286-313 Reimbursement to counties




Red light running committee; report to 2020 legislature. L 2019, c 131, 2.


Revision Note


The amendments made to part VI by L 2012, c 310, 2 (enacting subpart B to part VI), 5 (amending the part VI title), 6 (adding a subpart A title to part VI), and 8 (amending 286-101, 286-102(e), 286-104, 286-106, 286-107(c), 286-108(a), 286-110(a), 286-112(a) and (c), 286-113, 286-114, and 286-122(a) to change "part" to "subpart") are omitted as the new subpart B added to part VI was renumbered as part XVI pursuant to 23G-15.


Cross References


Complete streets, see 264-20.5.

Nonresident violator compact, see chapter 291A.


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