[277-1] Findings and declaration of necessity. The legislature finds and declares that:

(1) There is a critical problem in establishing convenient and economical means for transporting fuels and other sources of energy from the places of manufacture or storage to distribution areas within the State of Hawaii or the places of consumption;

(2) There would be a maximization of the use of available lands if a state agency were to be authorized to acquire, hold and manage energy corridors consisting of lands or interest therein, thereby controlling the use thereof;

(3) Competition would be fostered and thereby a reduction in cost to consumers would be realized if the State could make available energy corridors as the location for the facilities necessary for the transportation of sources of energy;

(4) The department of transportation is the agency of the State best able to manage and control the energy corridors. The legislature also finds that the acquisition of private property for the aforementioned purposes is necessary, and that such acquisition is for a public use. [L 1970, c 33, 1]


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