§271G-24  Appeals.  From an order of the public utilities commission under this chapter, an appeal shall lie, subject to chapter 602, in the manner provided for civil appeals from the circuit courts and by the rules of court; provided that the order is final, or if preliminary, is of the nature defined by section 91-14(a).  The appeal, of itself, shall not stay the operation of the order appealed from, but the court may stay the same after a hearing upon a motion therefor and may impose such conditions as it may deem proper as to giving a bond and keeping the necessary accounts or otherwise to secure a restitution of the excess charges, if any, made during the pendency of the appeal, in case the order appealed from is sustained, revised, or modified in whole or in part. [L 1974, c 94, pt of §1; am L 1979, c 111, §14; am L 2004, c 202, §34; am L 2006, c 94, §1; am L 2010, c 109, §1]


Rules of Court


  Appeals, see Hawaii Rules of Appellate Procedure.