271G-1 Short title

271G-2 Declaration of policy

271G-3 Administration; governing provisions of other acts

271G-4 Application of chapter, interstate, or foreign


271G-5 Definitions

271G-6 Exemptions, generally

271G-7 General duties and powers of the commission

271G-7.5 Electronic copies of documents

271G-8 Reports and decisions of commission

271G-9 Copies of schedules, tariffs, contracts, etc., kept as

public records; evidence

271G-10 Applications for certificates of public convenience

and necessity

271G-11 No proprietary right in water

271G-12 Temporary authority

271G-13 Security for protection of public

271G-14 Transfer of certificates of public convenience and

necessity, and carrier property

271G-15 Suspension, change, and revocation of certificates

271G-16 Rates, fares and charges of common carriers by water

271G-17 Tariffs of water carriers

271G-17.5 Issuance of securities; execution of leases

271G-18 Accounts, records, and reports

271G-19 Unlawful operation

271G-20 Collection of rates and charges

271G-21 Recovery of overcharges or undercharges

271G-22 Allowance to shippers for transportation services

271G-23 Hearings

271G-23.5 Notice of hearing required

271G-24 Appeals

271G-25 Agreement between carriers


Cross References


Intra-island water ferry transportation system; special fund, see 268-2.5, 268-2.6.


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