§271-17  Security for protection of public.  No certificate or permit shall be issued to a motor carrier or remain in force unless such carrier complies with such reasonable rules and regulations as the public utilities commission shall prescribe governing the filing and approval of surety bonds, policies of insurance, qualifications as a self-insurer, or other securities or agreements, in such reasonable amounts as the commission may require, conditioned to pay within the amount of the surety agreements moneys finally recovered against the motor carrier for bodily injuries to or the death of any person resulting from the negligent operation, maintenance, or use of motor vehicles under the certificate, or permit or for loss or damage to property of others.  The commission may, in its discretion and under such rules and regulations as it shall prescribe, require any such carrier to file a surety bond, policies of insurance, qualifications as a self-insurer, or other securities or agreements in a sum to be determined by the commission to be conditioned upon the carrier making compensation to shippers or consignees for all property belonging to shippers or consignees, and coming into the possession of such carrier in connection with its transportation service.  Any common carrier which may be required by law to compensate a shipper or consignee for any loss, damage, or default for which a connecting motor common carrier is legally responsible shall be subrogated to the rights of such shipper or consignee under any such bond, policies of insurance, or other securities or agreements, to the extent of the sum so paid. [L 1961, c 121, pt of §2; Supp, §106C-15; HRS §271-17]