§271-11  Copies of schedules, tariffs, contracts, etc., kept as public records; evidence.  The copies of schedules and classifications and tariffs of rates, fares, and charges, and all contracts, agreements and arrangements between motor carriers filed with the public utilities commission as herein provided, and the statistics, tables, and figures contained in the annual or other reports of carriers made to the commission as required under this chapter shall be preserved as public records in the custody of the commission (except any contract, agreement, or arrangement between a contract carrier by motor vehicle and a shipper shall only be made public as provided in section 271-25), and shall be received as prima facie evidence of what they purport to be for the purpose of investigations by the commission and in all judicial proceedings; and copies of and extracts from any of the schedules, classifications, tariffs, contracts, agreements, arrangements, or reports, made public records as aforesaid, certified by the commission under the commission's seal, shall be received in evidence with like effect as the originals. [L 1961, c 121, pt of §2; Supp, §106C-9; HRS §271-11]