§271-10  Reports and decisions of commission.  (a)  Whenever the public utilities commission inquires into the operations, operating rights, or rates, or directs inquiry and investigation into motor carrier activities regulated under this chapter, and holds public hearing thereon, it shall make a report in writing, on paper or electronically, in respect thereto, which shall state its findings of fact and conclusions of law, together with its decision, order, or requirement in the premises.

     (b)  All reports issued under subsection (a) shall be entered of record, and a paper or an electronic copy thereof shall be furnished to parties of record in the proceeding.

     (c)  The commission may provide for the publication of its reports and decisions in a form and manner as may be best adapted for public information and use, and these authorized publications shall be competent evidence of the reports and decisions of the commission therein contained in all courts of this State without any further proof or authentication thereof.  The commission may also cause to be printed for early distribution its annual reports. [L 1961, c 121, pt of §2; Supp, §106C-8; HRS §271-10; am L Sp 1977 1st, c 20, §6; am L 2021, c 72, §8]