271-7 Exemptions, vehicles used by farmers. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter all motor vehicles used by farmers exclusively for their farm operations and all motor vehicles used by farmers who infrequently transport from the place of production to a warehouse, regular market, place of storage, or place of shipment, the farm products of neighboring farmers in exchange for like or reciprocal services, for farm products, or for a cash consideration not exceeding $1,500 per year; provided that the transportation shall constitute the sole transportation of property for hire or compensation of the farmers are exempted from this chapter. [L 1962, c 12, pt of 6; Supp, 106C-5.4; HRS 271-7; am L Sp 1977 1st, c 20, 4]


Attorney General Opinions


This section does not affect 271-5(11) and safety provisions apply to pineapple transportation. Att. Gen. Op. 62-29.



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