[269E-6] One call center financing. (a) To finance the establishment and operation of the center and the administrative costs of the commission, operators shall pay to the commission a fee in an amount and at a schedule determined by the commission. The commission may also assess fees on excavators. All fees paid by operators and excavators shall be deposited with the director of finance to the credit of the public utilities commission special fund.

(b) All operators of subsurface installations in this State shall share in the operational and administrative costs of the center, except where:

(1) All of the operator's subsurface installations are located on property owned exclusively by that operator; and

(2) The operator has not authorized another operator to use the property for any subsurface installation.

(c) The commission may accept revenues, compensations, proceeds, charges, penalties, grants, or any other payments in any form, from any public agency or any other source.

(d) Any agency required to participate may charge a reasonable fee in an amount sufficient to cover the administrative and operational costs required by this chapter.

(e) Civil penalties collected pursuant to this chapter shall be used by the commission to educate the operating and excavating community in Hawaii and to reduce the center's operating costs.

(f) Any operator or excavator that pays public utility fees to the commission pursuant to section 269-30 may petition the commission for approval to apply a portion of its public utility fee payments as a credit toward its center fees. [L 2004, c 141, pt of 1, 7; am L 2009, c 72, 3]



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